Our Ranking Rubric Explained

Discovering the best Pay Per Click agencies is no quick and easy task. We have compiled a strong team of experienced, capable secret shoppers who take the time to go through the sales and fulfillment process. They painstakingly evaluate companies on numerous, carefully chosen metrics. By using this system, we can add the knowledge of this company to our arsenal and act as a matchmaking service for both sides. This will benefit the companies seeking our service and the ones being sought out!
Our evaluators take a number of elements into consideration, including:

– Ability to deliver in the first month
– Quality of initial customer service
– Price
– Quality of follow up customer service
– Proficiency with businesses of various industries (real estate, hotels, other services)
– Previous customer reviews and accolades
– Web traffic on existing representations

We Will Discover the Best PPC Companies

The goal in this process is to determine how gifted each PPC management company truly is – and if they can live up to the promises and claims made on their website. Our team of secret shoppers is prepared to make deliberate mistakes such as pointed errors in keyword choice, targeted location, and negative keywords to test the quality of service. Based on their actions taken after these mistakes and the amount of time taken to correct them, we can determine not only their knowledge, but their efficiency and how they will deliver for your business. Other metrics we test for include the quality score as well as the search term report.

A PPC company directory you can Trust

Ultimately, we aim to assemble a list of ppc experts that truly excel at their trade. It is in our best interest to give praise where it is due, and enable business owners to choose from the cream of the crop. We also value companies that retain competitive pricing, as we know that not every company has the massive funds of a corporation to upkeep their websites. The list we have put together each month is value-loaded, and chock full of companies that will do right by your brand. The question is simple then: What are you waiting for? Put our business savvy and industry knowledge to work for you – we are striving to help you make an informed decision and get best return out of your PPC campaign!

How do I pick the right PPC agency?

The best way to pick the PPC agency that fits your needs is to visit the website and call them up. Definitely do your due-diligence and check for online reviews, testimonials and case studies.

How much should I pay for PPC management?

Typically a reputable PPC management company will charge anywhere from 15% to 20% management fee with a possible setup for month one ranging for $1000 to $2000. You definitely want to find a company that is month to month. NEVER get stuck in a contract.

What PPC agencies should i avoid?

Avoid the PPC firms that build accounts for you that you do not own. You always want to be the admin on the account. That way if it's not the right fit you can take your account to another company at any time.
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